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Hand Quilting
Cloth Aprons Stretch & Hand Frames
118" Cloth Aprons for the Stretch Machine Frame and all Hinterberg Hand Quilting Frames.
Easy Build Quilt Frame Kit
The Easy Build Kit includes detailed plans, hardware and the small wood parts to build a sturdy wooden hand quilting frame. You will need to supply the lumber for the large main pieces of the frame and three conduit poles.
Heritage Short Pole Set (59" Rollers)
The Heritage Short Pole Set is a set of 3 rollers for the Heritage Frame that are 59" long. These rollers can be used in place of the 93" rollers when you are working on smaller projects.
Heritage Shorty (Frame w/59" rollers)
The Heritage Shorty is a hand quilting frame with 59" rollers. It is a solid hardwood frame with rachet wheel tensioning.
Optional Magnifier for Heritage Frame Lamp
Star Knob 2 pack
Black star knob for roller ends. Sold in pack of two knobs.

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