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Hinterberg ST Machine Frame

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The Stretch Machine Frame has been called "the smoothest" by many of it's fans. The sturdy frame combined with an extra-smooth machine carriage allow the quilter to easily control their movements, resulting in more precise and attractive stitching.
The Stretch Frame is designed to be paired with any sewing machine with up to a 19” throat depth. The frame's low price makes it attractive to machine quilters that are tired of struggling with a small-throated machine, or are testing the idea of starting their own quilting business without making a large investment.

"Does the phrase 'like a hot knife through butter' sound good? The way ANY machine moves on this system is heavenly. It truly glides." Mary in AL

"I looked at a lot of frames and I'm glad I chose this one. My machine moves so smoothly that I forget I'm using a frame! What a great product." Joan in WI


Stretch Machine Frame Features:

  • Smooth Movement - Your machine will glide across the frame effortlessly on 12 precision bearings.
  • Sturdy Design - There is no wobble in this frame! The center support and angle bracing are engineered for sturdiness. The rollers never bend or sag, creating even tension across your entire quilt.
  • Heavy Duty Carriage- our carriage is strong enough to support even the heaviest ofm achines. Compatible with any machine with up to an 19" throat.
  • Swing-Up Roller - Front roller swings up for easier quilt loading, then swings down for quilting. This reduces the bulk between you and your quilting.
  • Template Board & Pointer Package - Includes 5-pattern grooved template board, laserpointer and template stylus.
  • Easy to Store - Take down or set up in minutes, no tools required.
  • Leg Levelers - Included to level your frame on uneven floors.
  • End Tensioners - Includes metal spring clamps with adjustable straps to help keep the sides of your quilt tensioned evenly.
  • Compatible with Voyager 17" Sewing Machine, or Indigo 19" Sewing Machine as well as machines by other manufacturers. Please call for compatiblity questions.
  • Adjustable Handles - Add Handles to use the frame with your home sewing machine, The handles are adjustable in height and tilt, also reversible for use from the rear of the frame - sold separately.
  • Hand Speed Control - A lever mounted on your handles will act as your machine's foot pedal to make controlling your machine easier - sold separately.


  • Distance between rollers: 17.5"
  • Maximum Quilting area: 16" x 114"
  • Min.quilt height: 32"
  • Max. quilt height: 46"
  • Depth of frame (front to back): 41"
  • Carriage size: 24"x10"


  • The Stretch Machine Frame has a Five Year Warranty. We will replace any defective part free of charge for a period of five years.


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