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Indigo Longarm Quilter

The Indigo Sewing Machine has all of the features a quilter could want and more. With it's comfortable handle design and its sleek curves, the machine gives quilters confidence to expand their horizons.
$7999 - Indigo Only
$9999 - Indigo - Summit Package

In home setup Available through our Dealers


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  • Solid, Lightweight Body- A solid Aluminum body with a 19" throat, designed especially for longarm quilting weighing only 40 lbs.  The smooth curves and solid construction will impress both designers and engineers.  The Indigo is attractive enough to display in your home, and strong enough to tackle any project with. The 10 year warranty on the body means it is built by a company that stands behind their product.
  • Comfortable Handles- The handles are designed at a comfortable downward angle, allowing you to rest your forearms on the front roller of your frame while quilting.  This position is proven to give you better control and less fatigue.  To keep things simple, we placed two control buttons on the handles, start/stop and half-stitch.  The controls are so easy to learn that you will be comfortable with the machine immediately.  In the rear, there is a second set of handles with dual controls included, allowing you to switch from front to rear instantly.
  • Clean and Simple – Everything including the motor, belt, light, cords, and all the wiring connections on the Indigo are carefully fitted inside the body of the machine.  This keeps the Indigo very quiet, clean-looking and professional.  You'll never have a threadholder blocking your view or swinging out of place.  There is only one cord that runs off the bottom rear of the machine, eliminating any chance of snagging, tugging, or accidental unplugging.
  • Large, Bright Sewing Area – The sewing area is lit with a 12” florescent light, one of the largest and brightest lights you can find in longarm machines.  There are none of the shadows you may find with clusters of LED lights and no heat or vibration from flexible arm lamps.  The needle area also  has a slimline presser foot and no visual obstructions so you’ve got a clear view of your quilting in every direction.
  • Professional Stitch Length Regulator –The Indigo includes the Equalizer stitch regulator by Intellistitch.  This highly precise regulator has a “firing stitch” which allows you to easily adjust from a large basting stitch to a controlled 16 stitches per inch.  It includes a “notify” feature to help you learn to quilt more smoothly, notifying you when your movements create a longer stitch.  The controls are simple to understand, changing between manual and regulated mode with a flip of a switch, instantly adjusting your stitch length with a sliding bar.  Quick and easy with no confusing menus to navigate or buttons to press repeatedly to slowly adjust up or down.
  • Packed with Features – Other machines may have a few of these features, but we include them all!  Front and rear handles with dual controls, half-stitch control for bringing up bobbin thread or burying the needle, plug-in laser pointer with front and rear mounting points, large-capacity M-size bobbin, pigtail bobbin case with anti-backlash spring, fat-hopping foot for template and ruler work, curved neck is 19” deep and 8” high, vibration and noise reducing foam-filled body.
  • Compatible with Many Quilting Tools –  The machine is compatible with almost every tool on the market. Use Quilt EZ’s stable template stylus with hundreds of template board designs for perfect geometric patterns.  Follow any picture pantograph or stencil with your laserpointer that never runs out of batteries.  Use plastic shape templates to add unique designs to your quilts. Add the QBOT computerized quilter to automate your favorite designs or stitch out designs you could only dream of before.  And many more! We are constantly updating the compatibility list of products for this machine to include every popular product on the market.
  • Start up Kit Included– We include 10 metal bobbins, 2 pre-wound bobbins, 1 spool of Signature King Tut Thread, Instruction Manual and Training DVD to get you sewing as soon as you open the box.
  • Nationwide Customer Support and Service -  You can reach a technician, even during evenings and weekends with our new Anytime Support Line.  We have a team of quilters and technicians who not only build and repair machines, but also quilt themselves and are ready to answer your questions.  In addition, the machine includes a 5 year service warranty on factory repairs and 1 year parts warranty.  We know you will love this machine!
  • Complete Quilting Resource – When you buy a product from Hinterberg Design, you are becoming part of a huge family of quilters.  We have been teaching, advising and quilting ourselves for over 27 years.  The knowledge base we have built to help our customers is immense.  Whether it’s which needle to use or which button to push or where to buy the best thread, you can be assured that when you buy from Hinterberg Design, your questions will be answered.
  • Complete package with Summit Quilting Frame –  The Summit is a beautiful frame.  Designed to compliment the Indigo and Voyager sewing machines, it is also compatible with almost any machine on the market.  Aside from it’s hardwood vibration absorbing structure, it is also the sturdiest frame designed for home setup on the market.  Quickly and easily advance your quilt with large smooth handles. Get perfect tension with fine-tooth metal ratchet wheels.  Lift the top roller with the twist of a knob to straighten your batting or snip a thread.  The large range of easy-slide height adjustments will accommodate every quilter.  The steel carriage ensures a smooth trip for your machine across the frame giving you complete control over every stitch.
    You can also choose from a variety of options including wheels, a storage shelf, aprons, carriage locks, bobbin winder and many other options.  Please call for more information or visit our Summit page online.



  • Designed to be used with the Summit Quilting Frame or the Stretch Quilting Frame.
  • Professional, accurate stitch length regulator by Intellistitch.
  • 19" throat depth with a full 16" of quilting area.
  • 8" high throat for longer, fuller quilts. Won't lose quilting area as you quilt.
  • Extra large capacity size M bobbin with pigtail
  • 1/4" round hopping foot moves expertly over thick fabric and seams, with thick base for use with templates & rulers.
  • Brightly lit, large, open quilting area and low profile foot allow easy visibility for sewing in any direction.
  • Front & Rear ergonomic handles for better control on intricate designs.
  • Handle-mounted controls including single stitch and power.
  • Lightweight body - less than 40 lbs.
  • Enclosed motor & electronics - safe, clean look and no messy wires.
  • Uncluttered rear workspace. Single cord feeds from base of machine.
  • Stylish curvy body shape and soothing blue color.
  • Includes 10 metal bobbins, 2 pre-wound bobbins, 10 size 20 needles, extra fuse and oil bottle.
  • Laserpointer - Aimable laserpointer mounts on front or rear of machine. Powered by the machine, Never needs batteries.
  • Starter Kit - Includes 1 spool King Tut thread, 2 pre-would bobbins, 5 metal bobbins, bobbin case screwdriver, 10 size 18 needles, lint brush, Full color instruction manual.
  • "I've got a longarm and I'm not aftraid to use it" DVD Included, covers setup, use, and maintenance.
  • Free Phone Support, M-F, 8-5 CDT, (319) 378-0999.
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty
  • American Made Quality.
  • Voyager Trade-Ins welcome - call (319) 378-0999 for details.

Longarm Quilting Packages

Indigo Longarm Quilter - Summit Frame Package

Indigo Longarm Quilter - Hinterberg Stretch Frame




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