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Voyager Longarm Quilter

New Voyagers are not available at this time. We are offering refurbished Voyager 17" machines for $2400. Get a great price on the used Voyagers while supplies last*.

* Supply of used Voyager machines is based on available machines that have been or are being traded in. If a used Voyager is not available at this time, you can still order one. They will be sent to you when they become available.

Explore your creativity with the Voyager 17" Sewing Machine. This affordable longarm quilter allows you to create new designs and try new techniques in quilting. You will finish your quilts faster and enjoy quilting more with the popular Voyager Sewing Machine.


  • Handle Mounted Controls- Select left or right handed, All controls are located on the handles. You'll never have to move your hands while quilting.
  • Infinite Speed control, in manual mode, quickly select your speed using a large thumbwheel and make the tiniest adjustments quickly, no repetitve button pushing.
  • Needle Positioner - Choose your needle position, up or down. The machine will return to that position every time that it stops, or use the switch to bring your bobbin threads to the top for trimming. A big timesaver.
  • 17" throat with max 15" sewing area. Much, much more quilting area than a standard home sewing machine. Quilt larger, more complictaed designs more quickly. See a larger portion of your quilt at once and roll your quilt less often. 5" Throat height will easily quilt a king size quilt, even with high-loft batting.
  • Handle mounted speed control dial, with start/stop button and needle up/down switch for easy control.
  • Adjustable, reversible handles included. Adjust handle angle, and move them closer to your body. Set handles at a comfortable position to reduce fatigue and eliminate pain. Handles adjust down to quilt level, no need for additional micro-handles. Comfortable rubber grip for better control. Handles are quickly changed to the rear of the frame for pantograph or template quilting.
  • Floating presser foot is spring loaded to float over varying thicknesses of fabric. The foot height can be adjusted up and down for different batting thicknesses. Low-profile foot gives better visibilty to keep an eye on your stitching. Optional template foot available for tracing shape templates and rulers. See optional fat foot for templates.
  • L-Size bobbin case. Eliminates bobbin tension problems attributed to larger bobbin case. Uses standard bobbins, inexpensive an widely available. Also accepts pre-wound bobbins which hold double the thread of a standard metal bobbin.
  • Heavy duty motor has a maximum speed of 1700 stitches per minute.
  • Add QBOT for fully automated quilting. Record your own designs while quilting, or choose from an extensive design collection. The Qbot software allows you to layout entire quilts, design your own patterns, and convert pictures to quilt designs. Qbot V3 is $4899, Design Software is $499.
  • Comparable to HQ16, Tin Lizzie, Pfaff, Viking, or Queen Quilter at a much lower price. We stretch an existing machine, similar to the method used to create limosuines, to save you money. The work is done in West Bend, Wisconsin by trained professionals. We provide the most comprehensive one year warranty in the industry because we are confident in the quality of our work.
  • Machine includes 5 bobbins, 10 needles and manuals.
  • Free Phone Support, 8-5 CDT, M-F.
  • Compatible with Summit Quilting Frame and Stretch Machine Quilting Frame.

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Warranty: One Year Warranty



  • 17" Throat Depth
  • 1700 Stitches per minute
  • All metal inerior parts
  • 2 spoolholders
  • Shipping Weight: 75 lbs.

Longarm Quilting Packages

Voyager & Summit Longarm Package

Voyager & Hinterberg ST Longarm Package



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QBot Computerized Quilter

Compatible with the QBot Computerized Quilting Systems. Call (319) 378-0999 for information.



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