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Hinterberg Design Factory

Hinterberg Design has been manufacturing quality wood quilting frames since 1980.

The first Hinterberg Quilting Frame the Homestead Frame evolved from a careful study of historical quilting frame plans and modern quilters' needs. Jack Hinterberg grew up in a quilting family and knew he had to design the Homestead frame to be portable, lightweight, but sturdy and heavy duty. Throughout the years, by requests of quilters, the Homestead Frame has been modified and updated to tilt and make use of three rollers for convenient no-baste quilting.

In 1984, a second model, the QX2000 was added to the line as a convenient portable frame which featured tilt and height adjustments and rachet wheel tensioning; all at an affordable price. In response to the quilters requests for a heavy duty frame Classic Frame was designed for the serious or professional quilter.

1986, advanced technology arrived at Hinterberg Design with a computer controlled router. Using CNC programming, this equipment enabled Hinterberg Design to precisely cut interchangeable parts for all quilting frames. This new equipment enabled Hinterberg Design to produce the same high quality quilting frames more efficiently.

When quilters demanded a quality, affordable, floor standing hoop, Jack researched steam bending techniques and The Homestead Hoop joined the family of products, first in the 29" diameter size, then by popular demand of quilters, the 22" size.

Since every quilter seems to know a woodworker, Jack saw the ever growing quilting market needed plans for a well designed easy to build frame. The Easy-Build Frame Kit fills that need by providing plans, hardware, and precise computer cut wooden parts to build an excellent quilting frame quickly and easily.

The Easy-Build Kit has been such a success that an upgrade was needed. The Easy-Build Plus includes everything provided in the Kit, plus the End Frame Supports built from quality Wisconsin White Pine. No special tools are needed to assemble the Easy Build Plus Kit.

Throughout the years, quilters have requested our high quality hoops in smaller sizes. In 2000 we responded with a 14" hoop on a lap stand. This hoop was conveniently designed to also fit on the floor stand.

In answer to many quilters requests, "Does the frame fold flat against the wall?", the Heritage was developed. It is an all new design, which is available in 59" or 93" in lengths, an extension kit is also available.This frame includes a handy two tier tray, and a high quality American made lamp.

From its humble beginnings in an unheated abandoned railroad wash house, Hinterberg Design is located today in a modern 30,000 square foot factory in West Bend, Wisconsin. Still a family run business, we pride ourselves on personal service and high quality products.

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